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IreAyo Hospital

The prestigious private general healthcare hospital,
dedicated to the service of humanity, with care and professionalism.

Our Services

Medical Laboraory

we have technicians, willing, and professionally able to perform tests on tissues and blood fluids. To provide results for diagnosis, or treatment of diseases, we also provide a radiological test(X-ray) and an Ultrasound scan.


we also treat and perform all kind of surgeries for children within the age of 18 years


we provide medical and surgical care for reproductive organ issues, child birth and pregnancy in women, including pre-natal and post-natal care.

Internal Medicine

We also deal on the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases.


we treat and give medical and surgical care for patients with skeletal deformities.

Home services

We also have professional, compassionate, and lovely nurses, to assist your children or elderly ones.


Our pharmacy is filled with all supplies for drugs, needed for your health keeping; antibiotics, vitamins, and all sorts of drugs.

General Surgery

We perform all kinds of surgical operations, from cardiological, neurological, muscular and other major surgeries.

And Lots More...

We offer lots of other specialties of medicine

Why Choose IAH?


We ensure to provide our patients and their loved ones, with services, in an environment that enhances their healing. We believe our clients come first.


We foster an environment of trust, openness and cooperation.


We believe in honouring the dignity and individuality of everyone, and also promote patient's right to confidentiality, information and privacy.


We offer services in great, high quality at a cheapest possible rate while providing a different, and premium healthcare service, we are best in our community.

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